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About Us

Quality is in our Mind and Heart, Design is our Visiting Card.

We set the Standard of bags for the Flight. 


Noral products are Made in USA, designed by the Pilot for our Pilots. Noral is an American manufacturer of quality Flight Bags and Accessories. Our bags are designed by experienced Pilots and Flight Instructors.


We make Flight Bags, Headset Bags, Aircraft Seat Cushions, Pilot Epaulets, Logbook Covers, Headset Cloth Covers, Oxygen Cylinder Bag, Helmet Bag, Document Holders and many other essential and special products for Professional and Student Pilots. All our flight bags are made of 1680 Denier BALLISTIC water repellant material and interior foam padded and water repellant liner for protection of your instrument. Most of our larger size flight bags has the bottom reinforced with hard board to keep it from sagging when fully loaded. All Noral flight bags have a 7 years warranty.


The above statement may surprise you about how we can offer our product at such a competitive price. The answer is, years of our hard work, extremely trained operators, low operating cost and very low profit margin. We do not waste money in luxurious advertisement; rather we invest in product quality. We are expert in making good product; we are not expert in sales, while others are expert in selling any product even they do not know about what they selling. So the word of mouth does free advertisements for us.


Noral is a Brand product and manufactured by ourselves. While other companies brand their product by subcontracting from unknown manufacturers from overseas and spend in marketing to sale lower quality product at high price. As a U.S company also we are able to take action quicker in service, delivery, and warranty and design updating.

If you did not find our product in your area is because some Distributors and Dealers require higher profit margin to resale it. Unfortunately we can not offer that to them, we rather keep our good quality without inflating the price. But there are many of our Good Dealers who love our product and keep it in their inventory.


We will appreciate your suggestion or comment on our product. Please drop us an email with any idea to continue improving our products for our Pilots.