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Plain Epaulet (No Stripe)

Plain Epaulet (No Stripe)
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Price: $10.50
Availability: In Stock
Model: NR-120
Manufacturer: Noral
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Epaulet Body Color:

Epaulet is the symbol of a proud profession. Also it becomes part of the personality. So Noral makes only the fine quality Epaulets for Flight Schools and other professions as restaurants, hotels etc. Please make sure to select the epaulet body color. It is available in Black, Navy Blue and Burgundy color. The Epaulets are packed as pair and the prices are per pair. Noral keeps in mind carefully the following two quality concern to manufacture its epaulets.



Lay Flat:

Long experience of Noral in making epaulets in house it found the requirement of exact thickness of the Epaulet body cloth. If the cloth is too thick or too thin and the braid quality is not fine enough then the epaulet will not stay or lay flat on the shoulder. Most of Noral’s competitors do not manufacture the epaulets themselves but subcontract from general sewing companies without having these experiences.


Seam & Sewing Quality:

Epaulet looks a simple and small product. But the sewing and the final seam require the best experienced sewing operator. Noral makes all products in house by the hand of operators with years of experiences. The quality of the seam under the epaulet does play a very important role to keep the epaulet flat and fine on the shoulder. Also Noral does the ironing on each epaulet one by one and others may do not iron.

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Plain Epaulet (No Stripe)
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